Travel Q & A: Heather

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  1. What was your favourite travel experience? A couple of years back I was having a hard time at my job in the UK, money was tight and I and feeling  bit miserable. Out of the blue my sister called me and told me to pack our bags, we were going to Cannes in the South of France. She had won an all inclusive trip to the Cannes film festival! We packed our finest outfits and headed to France. We ate delicious food, drank lots of French wine, went to a film premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and went to a party with celebs such as Eva Longoria, Russell Crowe and Jean Claude Van Damme. These opportunities in life don’t happen often. What an adventure!
  2. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received as a traveller? This is a fresh start, be who you want to be.
  3. How do you stay fabulous while you travel? Get the basics right. You can go from drab to fab in a few minutes as long as you have a toothbrush, concealer, lip balm, a hair tie and bobby pins, wet wipes and a quick swipe of bronzer.
  4. What is your greatest extravagance when travelling? A good place to sleep. I don’t care what it costs, as long as it is safe and secure with a comfy place to sleep I will be ready to take over the world.
  5. On what items do you prefer to save money rather than spend money when travelling? I tend to avoid the main fancy places to eat with the huge bill and head away to the hidden treasures where you will usually find a meal just as good at a fraction of the price and the owners are genuinely happy to see you and serve you.
  6. What is your most important travel item? Probably my camera. I would click pictures all day long if I could.
  7. What characteristics do you dislike about yourself when you travel? I find it hard to trust people at first until I suss them out.
  8. What characteristics do you dislike about others when they travel? I hate to see people who aren’t aware of their surroundings. In any place you travel you have to be mindful of their dress code, culture and the language you use.
  9. What do you value most in a travel buddy? Someone who can go with the flow without being reckless. Sometimes plans change and new opportunities arise, you have to take what life throws at you and enjoy it.
  10. What do you absolutely have to know before you go? For me, I always have to know where I will be sleeping that night. A good, safe sleep is always essential for me.
  11. What travel experiences are still on your bucket list? I would love to swim with sharks, skydive and learn how to snowboard, but my biggest one is to see a  killer whale in the wild.
  12. How do you plan for travel, especially paying for it? Going on a trip and realising that you don’t have enough money is a real bummer. I will start saving long beforehand and researching where to go and the likely costs. I make lists of everything to be prepared. And I always have an emergency credit card with me, just in case.
Heather is a Scottish Expat wife living life in the sunny Sultanate of Oman. When her husband’s job was relocated to the Middle East they packed two suitcases and said goodbye to their lives in Scotland to start a brand new adventure. You are mostly likely to find Heather clambering up the side of a mountain with her camera ready to capture the best pictures. She blogs regularly at The Duncan Adventures.

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