Travel Q & A: Liz


  1. What was your favorite travel experience? Not one experience, travel for me is about meeting a random person on the street and striking up a conversation no matter where they are from.
  2. What is the best piece of advice you ever received as a traveler? Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path. The travel guides are great, but sometimes the gems are the things that aren’t in them.
  3. How do you stay fabulous while you travel? I pack the one thing that is easy to wear, comfortable and makes me look amazing. It’s basically the little black dress which I can dress up or down depending on the circumstances.
  4. What’s your greatest extravagance when traveling? Massages like a Hammam in Turkey or a Georgian sulfur bath. I save money so that I can go to a more high-end option.
  5. On what items do you prefer to save money rather than spend money when traveling? Trinkets.
  6. What’s your most important travel item? Comfy, cute shoes.
  7. What characteristics do you dislike about yourself when you travel? I opt to see people rather than do the sites.
  8. What characteristics do you dislike about others when you travel? Judgemental people (Everyone is and I’m not excluded, but I appreciate an open mind.)
  9. What do you most value in a travel buddy? Flexibility and independence.
  10. What do you absolutely have to know before you go? I have to know where I’m staying. I have to have a home base.
  11. What travel experiences are still on your bucket list? Russia and India
  12. How do you plan for travel, especially paying for it? You only live once. I would regret not going, so I figure out my minimal needs and what I’m comfortable with (not sharing a room outside of my travel companions). Then I research hotels and airfare and bring my credit cards.
Liz started traveling when she was 16. Her first trip was a 16-day 8-country introduction to Europe, on which she celebrated that sweet 16 in Germany. Since then, she has continued to explore the world through study abroad programs, layovers and on her own. Liz is an attorney and an avid sports fan, having worked in minor league baseball and soccer for 8 seasons. Advice: When booking your travel plans, if you have to have a layover, choose one in a cool city where you can get out and explore it before your next flight.

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