Travel Q & A: Sarah R.


  1. What was your favorite travel experience? All travel experiences are unique and special in their own way, but I most definitely fell in love with South Africa.
  2. What is the best piece of advice you ever received as a traveler? Ask the locals and be open to accept their invitation, with this you will always have the most unique experiences.
  3. How do you stay fabulous while you travel? Simple as it is, what you give is what you get. And always be curious, yet cautious.
  4. What’s your greatest extravagance when traveling? The local food.
  5. On what items do you prefer to save money rather than spend money when traveling? Expensive accommodation, typical souvenirs.
  6. What’s your most important travel item? My camera.
  7. What characteristics do you dislike about yourself when you travel? I need my time in the morning when I get up. I am not a morning person;)
  8. What characteristics do you dislike about others when you travel? When they are weepy and not curious about the culture and surroundings but only interested in an all-inclusive kind of holiday.
  9. What do you most value in a travel buddy? Uncomplaining, easy-going and reliable.
  10. What do you absolutely have to know before you go? I always make myself some kind of road map of what I want to see and where I want to go, so basically I have to know what special places the destination offers.
  11. What travel experiences are still on your bucket list? My dream is a roadtrip though the United States from East to West. Besides that I would love to see Bolivia, Brazil, Hawaii, Iceland, Australia and ah, the bucket list is still long.
  12. How do you plan for travel, especially paying for it? I have to travel to faraway places at least twice a year, so I try to save money beforehand. The destination is often spontaneous, depending on whom I am travelling with or whom I am going to visit.
Sarah is currently studying Foreign Trade and International Management. Traveling means so much to her that it has to be included in her professional career. Her fascination is in cultures and new unexplored places, experiences, and memories that forever will have an impact on your way of thinking and doing. She is keen on doing anything from skydiving, taking a walk with lions or doing shark cage diving, count her in!

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