Travel Q & A: Tess


  1. What was your favorite travel experience? I have so many favourite countries – it is hard to chose one. But, my India travels were the most memorable so far. As I focus a lot on growth through travel, the encounters I had in India shaped me in more ways than one. It is a country that stirred a lot of emotions in me!
  2. What is the best piece of advice you ever received as a traveler? Treat everyone you meet as if you were meant to meet this person for a reason. Everyone around you is a mirror of yourself. Keep an open mind.
  3. How do you stay fabulous while you travel? I try to drink a lot of water and eat fruit and veggies every day. I stick to natural organic skincare which I buy in the countries I visit. I try to do Yoga as much as I can.
  4. What’s your greatest extravagance when traveling? Once in a while I treat myself to a spa day or a massage. I also book yoga & meditation retreats to switch off from the world. As a travel blogger, you are constantly ‘online’. So, the biggest extravagance for me, is to disconnect and have some intense ‘Me’ time.
  5. On what items do you prefer to save money rather than spend money when traveling? I don’t really purchased ‘things’. As a long-term traveller, I simply don’t have the space in my backpack to carry more than I already have. As I have a desire to carry on with my nomadic lifestyle as long as I can, I try to save money everywhere I can. Mainly when it comes to accommodation and food.
  6. What’s your most important travel item? My Yak Wool Shawl that I bought in Nepal when I did the Annapurna Circuit. I never would have thought to carry a wool item with me – but it turned out to be my most favourite item! I’m always cold, especially when travelling in air-conditioned spaces. It’s light and small enough to carry it everywhere I go and big enough to be used as a blanket. It’s wonderful!
  7. What characteristics do you dislike about yourself when you travel? I’m a shy introvert. It takes me a while to open up to people and I really need to push myself to engage. I need a lot of alone and quiet time. I have the tendency to withdraw when I feel overwhelmed. So, I make sure to work on this are of my life – as I have a long way to go yet.
  8. What characteristics do you dislike about others when you travel? I totally dislike it when people are inconsiderate. I once stayed in a dorm where the one girl decided to pack her bags at 3 am. She switched on all the lights and made so much noise. I don’t understand this behaviour. I also don’t like rude people with a big sense of self-entitlement. 
  9. What do you most value in a travel buddy? I love to travel with people who know how to compromise and are willing to try new things. Other than that: independence, flexibility, respect towards other cultures.
  10. What do you absolutely have to know before you go? Nothing. I love being surprised; turn up at a place and let serendipity be my guide. The only thing I plan in advance are my flights and other modes of transportation (but even those are often booked last minute).
  11. What travel experiences are still on your bucket list? I’m off to explore South America soon. The continent was on my bucket list for a very long time. I also would love to road trip in Italy one day; and also visit the Nordic countries.
  12. How do you plan for travel, especially paying for it? I like a great deal of flexibility and only have a rough idea about my next destination. I recently got myself a miles credit card which I am very excited about.
Serendipity Tess is a rootless nomad who is currently travelling the world in search for a place she can call ‘home’. He first trip on her own was when she was 16, when she travelled to New York with a friend. At 17 she lived in Cairns, Australia, to learn English. At 21 she moved to Namibia. At 23 she came back to Europe to study in London. She is documenting her growth through travel on her blog ‘A Life Full of Serendipity‘. Her aim is to encourage people to follow their bliss and passion. And to be open to the unexpected at all times! 

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